5784/2023 Virtual High Holy Days

There are three easy ways to join the HHD action this year:1. Join us on YouTube.2. Be a part of our Zoom stream, the best way to interact with fellow IKARites
3. Not a member? Click here to register.

What you’ll need to know:
– Want to chat and participate with your fellow IKARites? Zoom wins.
– All members, current and past, as well as non-members who have registered for High Holy Days, and folks who have visited with us virtually this year for any reason will be given access to the Zoom. You must login to Zoom with the email that is associated with your membership, High Holy Day registration, or past Zoom visit (which, not coincidentally, is also the address to which you’re receiving this email).

Each one is unique to the specific service, so please make sure that you are signing into the correct Zoom on each day with the correct email.High Holy Day Zoom Streaming Links:*We are limited to 1,000 Zoomers at any one time. If for any reason you can’t log on or your Zoom connection is glitchy or stubborn all services will be available for free on YouTube at all times.