Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing

Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing: finding hope as we build a more just society. Rabbi Brous calls us to reclaim “the moral heart of our tradition.” We bring the IKAR community together to fight for social justice, inspired by Torah.


Join us for our monthly Community Organizing meetings the third Tuesday of each month (on Zoom for now) to learn how you can participate in our campaigns.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 18 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM PST, on Zoom. Our next Educated Activist meeting will be on Sunday, December 12 at 4:00 pm.  We will be discussing the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Evicted, by Matthew Desmond. You can check the calendar to register for our events. Email [email protected] to get involved and join our email list.

(Scroll down to see recordings of previous meetings!)


Affordable Housing & Homelessness Campaign

We are partnering with LA Voice and Everyone In to address affordable housing & homelessness in LA. We are researching state legislation and will share more information soon.

Campaign for A Pathway to Citizenship

Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing volunteers recently met with the offices of every congressional representative representing IKAR members. We urged them to include a Pathway to Citizenship for all undocumented workers, especially those who risked their lives as essential workers during the pandemic, in future legislation.

Campaigns for Justice System Reform

We continue to work with our partners at LA Voice to encourage our City and County to adopt a moral budget that supports the neediest among us, rather than criminalizing poor people and people of color. We are currently researching other legislation and soon will share more information.

Campaigns to Address Systemic Racism

We have been fighting against systemic racism since our inception. We continue to work with our partners at LA Voice towards a more just and ethical society. Currently, we are working to reimagine public safety in our city and state, by working with our elected leaders toward a moral budget that redirects funds away from police to social services in underserved communities. We are currently researching other legislation and soon will share more information.


Hosting our elected representatives for Shabbat Services and discussions lets them know who we are and the values we share, and helps make our voices heard from City Hall, to Sacramento, to Capitol Hill. Guests have included: Congressman Adam Schiff, Congresswoman Karen Bass, Congressman Ted Lieu, City Attorney Mike Feuer, State Senator Ben Allen, State Senator Holly Mitchell, among many others.

We host Zoom meetings with our local and state representatives to encourage them to support the issues we care about. Check out our calendar for upcoming meetings and Know your Reps sessions. You can also find out if upcoming reps are your representatives by clicking here.

Here are the recent Know Your Reps conversations:
Know Your Reps with CA State Senator Holly Mitchell
Know Your Reps with Senator Ben Allen
Know Your Reps with LA City Council Member David Ryu
Candidate Forum for District 4 (David Ryu and Nithya Raman)


We believe that the best activists are those who are educated about issues. Periodically, we read important books and host discussions with authors after services during lunch. Our next Educated Activist meeting will be on Sunday, December 12 at 4:00 pm.  We will be discussing Evicted by Matthew Desmond.

See our list of social justice readings & discussions.
Read a brief history of community organizing at IKAR.

Check out our previous Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing meetings:

October 19– Tommy Newman, VP of Engagement and Activation at United Way LA answered our questions about housing and homelessness as we prepare to launch our next housing campaign.

August 17 – Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing spoke with CA State Assembly Member Laura Friedman about why it’s so hard to pass housing legislation and what we can do to advocate for green and just housing policy.

July 20– Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing meeting on July 20th.

June 15 – A Deeper Dive into the Proposed Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency (LACAHSA)

May 25 – Research meeting with Senator Sydney Kamlager about two of her bills, SB 679, a housing bill, and the CRISIS Act, a bill to create a pilot program for non-police emergency response.

April 20 – A discussion of several possible state legislative campaigns on housing and justice system reform

March 16 – Civics 101 – State Government

February 16 – Civics 101 – County Government

January 19 – Civics 101 – City Government

Watch our MLK Day Discussion

Beyond the Dream: A Conversation with Eric Greene, Yavilah McCoy, and Rabbi Brous