We believe investing in IKAR with a meaningful financial contribution is a form of Tzedakah, from the Hebrew for “justice” or “righteousness”. We use these contributions to grow and sustain our community. We are so grateful for your support.

We offer three contribution levels:

1) AIDER– This is our base membership that reflects your love for IKAR.

2) ABETTOR-  This is our mid-level contribution that reflects how fired up you are about supporting an organization you know is making a difference

3) CO-CONSPIRATOR- This is our sustainer contribution level that reflects the approximate cost per member unit to operate IKAR. Our Co-Conspirators are IKAR superstars and can’t get enough of us!

Regardless of which category you choose, please know how much we appreciate you and your support.

We are working toward a model in which membership contributions can sustain our community without significant fundraising. The Co-Conspirator rate below reflects the amount each household would ideally contribute. We know that not everybody will be able to swing that rate and we invite you to make a contribution that will be meaningful to you. (Click here for more information)