Spiritual Kneading

Spiritual Kneading is an online circle open to members who enjoy baking challah and other Jewish delicacies. The Circle, which meets bi-monthly is based on the book Spiritual Kneading through the Jewish Months by Dahlia Abraham- Each meeting you will learn to create a seasonal or holiday themed challah. Participants will learn how to make the dough (when it is special) and how shape the loaves. Additionally participants will learn to bake a second “small batch” bread or baked item. In the past these have included gluten free challah, gluten free hamantaschen (taught by a special guest chef), rose rolls, and homemade pita bread. There is also a Torah learning or activity coordinated with the theme of the bread or an upcoming holiday, as well as camaraderie and general discussions about baked goods. New attendees are welcome at any time, no matter whether they are first time bread bakers or experienced challah makers.

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