Countering White Supremacy – Special Forum with Congressman Adam Schiff
Beloved Community – A Case Study in Hope: From Oakland to the Nation, Faith Partnerships to End Gun Violence
Lunch + Learn: Rabbi Aryeh Cohen
Lunch + Learn: “How We Survived” – Honoring Holocaust Survivors in our Community
Black Power, Jewish Politics: Book Talk with Marc Dollinger & Ilana Kaufman
Lunch and Learn: Lives in Limbo – the Rohingya Camps of Cox’s Bazar
Learning with R’ Chaim Seidler-Feller
THE BIG REVEAL: Shavuot 5779
Shabbat AM Services: June 1
Lunch + Learn: R’Chaim Seidler-Feller in Conversation with R’Brous
Shabbat AM Services: May 18
Lunch + Learn: Become an Advocate for Bridge & Supportive Housing
Israel Story Live Show — A Look at the Barriers That Separate Us and Those That Bring Us Together
Lunch + Learn: Building a New Ark
Lunch + Learn: Rabbi Brous + Peter Beinart –Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and Islamophobia in a Complex Political Moment
Politics on the Pulpit – Panel Discussion w/ Rabbi Brous at AJU
Shabbat AM Services – April 6
Can we talk about it? Reframing the discourse on Israel/Palestine – Panel Discussion with Rabbi Brous
Building Update and Community Meeting with Rabbi Brous and Architect Barbara Bestor
Solidarity: A Storytelling Event (Co-sponsored with Repair)
Shabbat AM Services — March 2
Lunch + Learn: Nurit Gery
Lunch + Learn: Combatants for Peace
Lunch + Learn: New Israel Fund
Lunch & Learn: Breaking the Silence
Culture Event with Author Moriel Rothman-Zecher
Antisemitism, White Supremacy and White Nationalism: Charting a Path Forward
Featured Speaker Yavilah McCoy – Gospel Havdallah – Songs of the Spirit
Featured Speaker Yavilah McCoy – Jews and Race, Shabbat Lunch Workshop
Pray + Stay: Jews and Race with Yavilah McCoy
First Friday Shabbat Guest Speaker – Roberta Kaplan
Lunch & Learn: Dror Israel
Lunch & Learn: Sikkuy
Jewish History: A Very Short Introduction
Guest Speaker: Journalist Peter Beinart
Michael Chabon & Ayelet Waldman with R’ Brous
Etgar Keret: The Seven Good Years
Shabbat AM services with special guest Dr. Paul Spiegel
How Deep Is Your Love? Dr. Aaron Amit
Culture Series: This Crime Is Televised