Events / Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

A Space for Healing – Havdallah

A Space for Healing – Havdallah

Saturday, November 3, 7 pm at IKAR’s Event Space

This past year and, in particular, the last several months have shined light on the prevalence of sexual harassment, abuse and assault in our society. We know that this has triggered painful feelings about and memories of sexual trauma among folks for whom IKAR is a home and a sacred community.

For those in need of healing — and those who wish to support them — we invite you to join us at IKAR’s event space on Saturday evening, November 3rd, at 7:00 pm. As we conclude Shabbat, we will have a Havdallah service dedicated to victims and survivors of sexual violence. Through song, ritual, and reflection, we will make space for the stories that have been dismissed and silenced for too long.

If you are among those in our community looking for a supportive environment where you can share your story of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or intimate partner violence, we invite you to write and include it in the form here. You may attribute the piece, or leave it anonymous. We will share these stories that night for others to read (but not take home). Please submit your stories by Sunday, October 28th.

We hear you. We believe you.
Rabbis Brous, Tsadok, Kasher, Lebell and Rabbi Shawn Fields-Meyer

Please note: This is a Jewish ritual space intended to provide support and an opportunity for sharing. This is not meant as a substitute for mental health services. However, we will provide a list of local resources for those seeking professional support. If you do not plan to attend this event, but would like to learn about resources, please email [email protected].