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Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness Workshop

Do you have an emergency kit in the house?

There are 100 earthquakes a day in California, and wildfires aren’t contained to a single season anymore. So now’s the time to think about your disaster plan when you’re not in crisis mode. At August 25th’s Earthquake and Fire Preparedness Workshop led by IKAR member Naomi Goldman, we learned a number of things you can do to prepare right now and in the days/weeks ahead.

  • Think about how you get to and from work – consider an alternate route you can take in case your regular route is blocked (and in case Waze isn’t working).
  • The 99-cents store has a partnership with the Red Cross and stocks many of the components for a safety kit, and Target and Costco also stock the kits and their components.
  • If you have a baby or a pet, make sure that your emergency preparations include preparations for them too.
    Have a conversation with your family members or roommates about your emergency plans: if you can’t reach each other via cell phone, how will you connect?
  • Be informed by credible sources: KNX 1070AM (which will share info on Red Cross shelters) and KFI 640 AM on the radio; also register your phone for alerts about emergency activity in your area.

Then visit the Red Cross website to see the list of what should be in your kit. Be safe, everyone!