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1 month ago • Jun 16, 2024
IKAR’s Conversation with Marshall Goldberg
Join Executive Producer, Marshall Goldberg as he talks about his new docuseries, Justice, USA and criminal justice reform.
Lunch & Learn
1 month ago • Jun 15, 2024
Lunch & Learn with IsraAID’s Yotem Polizer
By: Rabbi Sharon Brous and Yotem Polizer
1 month ago • Jun 8, 2024
In The Shadows: Book Talk with Author Mickey Bergman
Join us after Services for a very special discussion with Author Mickey Bergman about his book, In the Shadows: True Stories of High-Stakes Negotiations to Free Americans Captured Abroad.
2 months ago • May 4, 2024
IKAR Reflects — Yom HaShoah 2024
With Auschwitz Survivor Ella Mandel and Amit, Zeve, and Oren Zilberstein, Jason Neidleman, and Alexia Gyorody, the second, third, and fourth generation of family members who both survived and perished in the Shoah.
3 months ago • Apr 5, 2024
The Nightingale of Iran
A very special discussion with sisters Danielle and Galeet Dardashti from The Nightingale of Iran Podcast
4 months ago • Mar 16, 2024
Lunch & Learn with Author Michael Strassfeld
Conversation with Michael Strassfeld. Strassfeld was rabbi of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, a Manhattan synagogue. Before that he was the rabbi of Congregation Ansche Chesed.
4 months ago • Mar 15, 2024
IKAR’s Conversation with Elise Loehnen
Stay after Kabbalat Shabbat services for dinner and a book discussion with Rabbi Sharon Brous and Elise Loehnen on her book On Our Best Behavior The Seven Deady Sins and The Price Women Pay To Be Good.
4 months ago • Mar 9, 2024
IKAR’s Conversation with Standing Together
Join us on Saturday, March 9 after Shabbat Morning Services for a free community, vegetarian lunch and conversation with Standing Together, a grassroots movement mobilizing Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in pursuit of peace, equality, and social and climate justice.
The Amen Effect
5 months ago • Feb 20, 2024
House Calls with Dr. Vivek Murthy | Rabbi Sharon Brous: The Power of Showing Up for Each Other
What does it mean to show up for someone? What does it mean to sit with another person’s pain? And if we are hurting, why can it be so difficult to ask for help? Part of being human is learning how to accompany people through hard times. Yet our culture looks at pain as a sign of imperfection, and vulnerability a sign of weakness. In this conversation, the Surgeon General and Rabbi Brous share in how the opposite is, in fact, true: vulnerability and pain can be extraordinary sources of strength and healing. Drawing from both professional and personal moments, Dr. Murthy and Rabbi Brous delve into why the simple act of showing up for each other — an intrinsic power we all possess — is so powerful and healing. And why it is so needed now, especially in these times when the world can feel despairing and lonely.
By: Rabbi Sharon Brous and Vivek Murthy
5 months ago • Jan 27, 2024
Lunch and Learn with Sammy Roth, LA Times Reporter
IKAR’s Lunch and Learn with Sammy Roth, LA Times Reporter
6 months ago • Jan 20, 2024
The Golem of Brooklyn: Book Talk with Adam Mansbach
Due to technical difficulties, the beginning of this program was not recorded.
1 year ago • Mar 18, 2023
Rep. Adam Schiff and Rabbi Sharon Brous
By: Rabbi Sharon Brous
1 year ago • Jan 20, 2023
Lady Justice
Author, lawyer and Slate Senior Editor, Dahlia Lithwick discussed her new book, Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America. Brief Book Synopsis: “After the sudden shock of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, many Americans felt lost and uncertain. It was clear he and his administration were going to pursue a series of retrograde, devastating policies. What could be done? Immediately, women lawyers all around the country, independently of each other, sprang into action, and they had a common goal: they weren’t going to stand by in the face of injustice, while Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the Republican party did everything in their power to remake the judiciary in their own conservative image. Over the next four years, the women worked tirelessly to hold the line against the most chaotic and malign presidency in living memory.”
By: Rabbi Sharon Brous