Events / Monday, October 23 2017

Rabbi Brous Keynote Speaker at Prophetic Resistance Summit

Rabbi Brous delivered the Keynote Address on Monday, October 23 2017, in Indianapolis, IN at PICO Network’s Prophetic Resistance Summit— a national gathering of hundreds of faith leaders and tribal elders to develop strategies to dismantle white supremacy and structural racism in America.

“Despite the intoxicating pull of escapist religion, faith is not about being comfortable in the world as it is. Faith is a rebellion against that world. The goal is not to be quieted, to feel good, to get comfortable and settled while the palace burns. It is to be awake and to fight – with love – for the courage we need, for the family we yearn for, for the beloved community we’re called to be, for the world we want our children to inherit.”

Read full speech.

Watch video (RSB starts at 12:30 into vid, but the whole thing is worth watching!)

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