Events / July 31 at 8pm

Tisha b’Av – EREV

On Tisha b’Av, Jews remember the greatest tragedies of our history. We fast for 25 hours from sundown to nightfall and retell the story of the suffering of our people through the chanting of Eikha, the Book of Lamentations. At the end of a day of fasting and mourning, we step out of our collective darkness with a renewed sensitivity to loss, and belief in the possibility of healing. We join with other local communities to honor the past and commit ourselves to a vision of a more just and peaceful future.

Brokenness: From Intellect to Emotion
Monday, July 31 at Workmen’s Circle, 8:00pm
Candlelight service & chanting of Lamentations (Eikha) with IKAR and Shtibl. Learning, prayer, mourning, and song. Please bring a pillow – we’ll be sitting on the floor. Fast begins at 7:55pm.