Events / Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

TRIBE-Meet: Get to Know TRIBE

New to LA? New to IKAR? Been around for a bit and want to dive into the community? Come hang with some TRIBErs! This Tribe-Meet is at Dave Silverstein’s home in Culver City – RSVP for address, 7:30 – 9 pm.

This meetup is for folks to get to know TRIBE and IKAR a bit more. We know that just showing up to an event or services can be a lot, so the point of this meet up is to have a chance to get to some other people in a chill, low-key setting.

The evening will include schmoozing, snacks, and a shpiel to explain what Tribe is, how we fit within bigger IKAR, and what kinds of things we do.

Jacob Seltzer + Dave Silverstein will be there and can answer questions you might have – if you need to get in touch, feel free to contact Jacob at [email protected].