Events / Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Yearning: A Tisha b’Av Commemoration

Yearning: A Tisha b’Av Commemoration

6:15 program start (after 5:45 optional afternoon prayer) at Temple Beth Am

A cross-denominational collaboration with Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, Beth Am, B’nai David Judea, IKAR and Temple Isaiah.

Our early rabbis tell us that our most tragic moments in Jewish history happened on account of sinat chinam – of baseless hatred of Jews toward each other.  This year – we are joining with Reform, Conservative and Orthodox congregations to explore what it means to yearn together – across our differences.  Our tradition speaks of how we have yearned as a people for Jerusalem for thousands of years.  But what other types of yearning take hold of us?  Come hear stories of yearning and learn with rabbis in breakout sessions on yearning in our own lives using tools of everything from ancient poetry, contemporary justice, meditation and more.  Egalitarian and separate prayer spaces will be provided.

Program Timing:

Mincha: 5:30 (5:45 for BDJ Minyan)

Introduction and opening: 6:15

Breakout Groups with rabbis: 6:30

Hearing from 3 community members: 7:20

Closing and singing: 7:40

Maariv: 8:00

Fast ends 8:12