IKAR From Afar Sponsorship

We invite you to help us raise critical funds for our community in these uncertain times by sponsoring one or more of our virtual sessions. Your help will allow us to continue to offer so much of what you love about IKAR.

Now more than ever, we remain committed to our community, our vision, and our core values. As the global health crisis has necessitated that we remain physically apart, our team has worked hard to ensure that we feel closer than ever, creating many opportunities for engagement with IKAR from Afar. Every day we are providing vital services online, including a robust learning program and opportunities for healing and spiritual engagement, community connection and a full-fledged justice agenda. This has not only helped us sustain our community, but has also allowed us to engage an even larger network, as we are joined daily by people from around the country and the world.

Please consider sponsoring sessions or entire series from the list below. Sponsors will be thanked at each session/series, through July, and named on a designated page on the IKAR website (with logo if applicable, for businesses and foundations).

Virtual Prayer Gatherings and Shabbat Services

  • Shabbat AM Services (weekly): $540 / Shabbat; $5,000 / series
  • Kabbalat Shabbat (weekly): $540 / Shabbat; $3,600 / series
  • Morning Minyan (Monthly Sponsorship) (daily): $180 / Minyan; $1,800 / series
  • ECC Shabbat (weekly): $180/Shabbat; $1,800 / series
  • Havdalah (weekly): $180/Session; $1,800 / series

Adult Learning Sessions

  • A Few of My Favorite Things, Rabbi Sharon Brous (weekly): $540/Session; $5,000 / series
  • A Bissel Shtisel: Hasidic Thought 101, Rabbi David Kasher (weekly): $540/Session; $5,000 / series
  • Mishna Mondays, Rabbi David Kasher (weekly): $360/Session; $3,600 / series
  • Torah Tuesdays, Rabbi David Kasher (weekly): $360/Session; $3,600 / series
  • The Pirkei Avot Collective, Rabbi David Kasher (weekly): $360/Session; $3,600 / series
  • Mussar: A Path Toward Greater Holiness, Rabbi Ronit Tsadok (weekly): $360/Session; $3,600 / series

Community Engagement and Entertainment Sessions

  • Saturday Night (Barely) Alive Variety Program (weekly): $360/Session
  • Spiritual Practices That Bring Joy, Dr. Vivian Feintech (weekly): $180/Session; $1,800 / series

IKAR Game Night

  • Who wants IKAR to be a Millionaire? (One-time event): $10,000
  • The Price is Right (for us!) (One-time event): $5,000
  • Jewpardy (One-time event): $3,600
  • Let’s Make Such a Deal (One-time event): $1,800
  • Shpiel of Fortune (One-time event): $1,000
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