Hanukkah iiii¡iiii

Wherever you are in the world, when you place your candles in your Hanukkiah, pause. Take a moment to reflect on the triumph of our tradition over the forces that would seek to extinguish it. That eternal light, which has guided our people for thousands of years, will never be extinguished.


8 Nights of Laughter, Light, & Latkes!


Starting Sunday, December 18 through Monday, December 26


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Kavannot 2022/5783

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The Last People in the Shuk – R’ Ronit Tsadok


Hanukkah Means Home – Hazzan Hillel Tigay


Pirsumei Nisa – R’ Keliah Lebell

What is Hanukkah?

The 8-day festival of lights that commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple is an affirmation that we can fix things that are broken, we can heal, and we can rebuild. The essence of the holiday though, is pirsumei nisa, publicizing the miraculous. We read that as a call to radiate light and hope – an act of holy defiance against darkness.

Sermons + Teachings

Read, listen, and watch our Rabbis powerful and thought-provoking Hanukkah teachings.


Hear from IKARites on how they found light in the darkness.

Hanukkah Refresher

Wait, which candle do I light first?, Does it go from right to left, or left to right?, What’s the blessing?, What’s the extra candle for?, Why do some people use candles and some people use oil?


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