Hesed: In Need of Support

IKAR’s Hesed Team

Support with emotional/spiritual wellbeing
IKAR’s Hesed Team is a new initiative, aimed at helping connect IKARites with a trained chaplain and pastoral care provider from our community. Whether you’re experiencing illness, grieving a loss, or struggling to find connection, the Hesed Team offers a listening ear and compassionate presence through in-person visits, phone calls, and Zoom meetings.

Meet the Hesed Team
In addition to their professional training, Hesed Team volunteers have received specific training in Jewish pastoral care, facilitated by experts in the field. All volunteers have signed confidentiality agreements and pledge to refrain from bringing up the contents of a Hesed Team interaction in any other setting.

Interested in pastoral support from the Hesed Team? Let us know by emailing [email protected], who will then engage the Hesed Team.

Rabbinic Support
As always, our rabbis are here for you and available to help you navigate the ups and downs of life’s journey. To schedule a meeting with Rabbi Morris Panitz ([email protected]), Rabbi Ronit Tsadok ([email protected]), Rabbi Hannah Jensen ([email protected]), or Rabbi Deborah Silver ([email protected]), please email them directly. To schedule a meeting with R’ Brous, please email [email protected]. In the case of a rabbinic emergency, please email [email protected] or call 323-634-1870 x 118.

Support with Physical wellbeing

If you are in need of meals, check-ins, or help with errands, the Hesed network is here for you! We generally support those who recently had a baby, are going through an emotional or physical hardship, or lost a loved one. Email [email protected] if you are in need of physical support.