Hesed: Volunteer to Help

How to get involved:

IKAR’s Hesed Network:

We deliver care packages, Shabbat baskets, prepared meals, and timely assistance to IKAR members in times of loss, illness, and recovery. By joining the Hesed Network in your neighborhood, you’ll receive emails that ask you to volunteer to support fellow IKARites in your community.

Not a great cook? No worries. Signing up for a meal train can be as simple as ordering a meal from a restaurant or sending a food delivery gift certificate.

Have a flexible schedule? Helping a fellow IKARite get to a doctor’s appointment or come to shul is such a meaningful way to contribute (while making a new friend!)

Concerned about taking on too much? We’re so grateful that our Hesed Network already has 100+ IKARites so there are plenty of folks to help out with any given request.

Need more info? Reach out to our Hesed Network Co-Chairs to learn more.

Sharing is Caring:

If you own gently used baby clothing or supplies (cribs, bottles, etc.) or home medical equipment (commodes, walkers, shower chairs, etc.) and would like to lend or give them to a fellow IKARite please register them here. If you need any of these kinds of items, you may view the list of available items and make a request here.