High Holy Days

Prepare Yourself for the High Holy Days

Live-stream services—Our clergy and davening team will be streaming heart-opening, soul-stretching songs and sermons from the rooftop of Shalhevet right into your living room, or garage or backyard. We’re thrilled to share that Bryan Stevenson will be joining Rabbi Brous.for a dialogical Yom Kippur sermon on Reconciliation, Redemption, and Writing a New Narrative for America. Tell your friends and family: All are welcome to daven and learn with our community at no chargeYou will be able to tune in to our live-stream via our website and on Facebook Live.

Community-Wide At-Home High Holy Day Study Ready-made, self-guided Talmud-study sessions for both days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Follow the instructions, or ignore them. Study with a partner, in a group, or by yourself. Take 20 minutes or two hours. But know that as you learn, you join a whole community of learners, united in these challenging times by these sacred conversations. See it here.

10 Sites of Awe: IKAR’s High Holy Treasure Hunt developed by Rabbi David Kasher and IKARites Yuval Sharon and Sarah Ellenberg. See more details here.

Shofar Wave – IKAR in partnership with the Jewish Federation bring you the Shofar Wave. On Rosh Hashanah Day 2, shofar blowers from around the city will stand on street corners near their respective synagogues and, in sequential order, blow the shofar to create a “wave” that will echo throughout the city. The Shofar Wave will allow us to come together as members of our beautifully rich, diverse, and pluralistic Jewish community and to joyfully celebrate what 5781 has in store for our people, our city, and our world.  See the full schedule and all the details.

Yizkor Memorial Garden – There’s a miracle happening at IKAR, and we want you to be a part of it. Volunteers from the community have been creating a memorial garden on the patio of the IKAR office space. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, sacred space where we are displaying the photographs and written reflections of your family members and loved ones who have died. We would love for you to visit the space over the High Holy Days, and want to give you the info you need to make your visit safe and meaningful. See more details here.

Gratitude Wall – The Hebrew for “gratitude” is HaKarat HaTov, literally “recognizing the good.” There is so much good to celebrate in this community, and we want to lift up the names of all those who contribute their time, kindness, energy, and resources to the sacred work we do. We invite you to engage in HaKarat HaTov here — reading about the awesome people who make this community thrive and adding your own words of gratitude. There is only one rule: to wish each other kindness, love, and gratitude. Add to our gratitude wall!

Programming for Children and Teens including services and learning opportunities.