Sukkot: As soon as Yom Kippur ends, we move from the realm of the soul and plant our feet firmly back on the ground. For seven days we eat (and for some, sleep) in a sukkah, a makeshift hut that is just susceptible enough to the elements to remind us of our vulnerability and also the blessings of security. During Sukkot, it is traditional to invite seven exalted guests into our Sukkah: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David. These seven guests represent the leaders of the Jewish people. In the Hasidic tradition, seven Rabbinic leaders are also symbolically invited into the Sukkah, each representing different values. This year, IKAR encourages you to invite some social justice heroes into your Sukkah or home as well. We have chosen the following individuals, who are examples for all of us of how to put the values of Torah into action.