How To Join

Membership at IKAR is a holy partnership. We are dedicated to helping our community members live lives of purpose and meaning, and we are working together to build a more just and loving world. Together we are building a vibrant, creative, meaningful Jewish community.

Membership contributions can be made using the new IKARt feature. The IKARt allows you to select your membership contribution level and will then prompt you to complete a more in-depth membership registration form and Membership Brit (commitments).

We encourage members to create a profile in the IKAR Community Portal to renew their membership and utilize the new IKARt feature. You can add or gift multiple membership(s) and/or Limudim tuition to your IKARt and pay for them in one transaction here. The portal also allows you to update your household information, view your giving history, and access the Community Directory.
After you submit your membership contribution, you will be prompted to update important household information and submit your Membership Brit (commitment).

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to do good and important work in the world.