IKAR Game Night Sponsors

IKAR Game Night: Jewpardy

Jaynee and Eric Beckman | Rick and Marcia Brous | Sarah Goldfinger | Ethan Goldstine and Lirona Kadosh | Karen and Jeff Hogan | Ellen and Richard Sandler | Michelle Rosenthal and Isaac Klausner | Rachel Waranch and Jason Feuerstein | Barbara Dalton-Taylor and Mark Taylor | Rochelle Shapell and Lorne Buchman | Ian Wiener

IKAR Game Night: Let’s Make Such a Deal!

Melissa Balaban and Adam Wergeles | Dr. Patricia Gordon | Samara Hutman | Gosia and Adam Weiss

IKAR Game Night: The Price is Right (for us!)

Marty Longbine and Jeff Ayeroff | 1st Century Bank | Roz and Abner Goldstine | Ellen Hoffman | Insperity | Jewish Community Foundation

IKAR Game Night: Shpiel of Fortune

Lauren and Aaron Applebaum | Bibi’s Bakery / The Kosher Cookie Company | Tracy and Aron Coleite | Linda and Lorin Fife | Uri Fleming | Todd Kessler and Sharon Hall | Annie and Jonathan Marquit | Paulette Light and Jeff Rake | Michaela Watkins and Fred Kramer