IKAR VOTES: 11/8/22

Voting is a social necessity and a moral obligation. It is one of our best tools to manifest our values in the public square.
Through our vote, we challenge the norms of a society that denigrates and degrades the image of God, that works to entrench power in the hands of the few at the expense of the many.
Through our vote, we lift up our vision of a just, fair and equitable society.
Through our vote, we affirm our commitment to engaging in the sacred and ceaseless work of repairing our collective. — R’ Sharon Brous

IKAR has committed to being a 100% voting community, but we need your help to make sure every IKARite votes. Sign up to call your fellow IKARites in the days before the election, remind them to vote, and tell them about the ballot measures we’re supporting.

Take a look at our Ballot Comparison Chart to see what other organizations have to say about the measures and judicial races on the Ballot.

Watch our Know Your Ballot event to learn about the candidates and the propositions.

IKAR says:

Vote YES on CA Prop 1 for Abortion Access

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As our Rabbis have said time and time again, a person’s right to privacy is sacred. The life of the pregnant person takes precedence in our tradition. We believe that decisions about a person’s body and health belong in the hands of the individual, and not the U.S. Supreme Court.

Vote YES on LA County Measure A for Sheriff Accountability

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IKAR stands with communities of color that have been historically over-policed, under-resourced, and subject to police violence. Our partners in these impacted communities have called on us to support Los Angeles County Measure A. We stand with them.

Vote YES on LA City Measure ULA for Affordable Housing

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United to House LA (Los Angeles City Measure ULA) is a Los Angeles City ballot measure that will appear on the ballot this November. It will create a permanent source of funding for affordable housing and renter protections by levying a small tax on high-value properties sold in the City of LA. IKAR urges a YES vote on Measure ULA.