Adult Learning

This spring, IKAR’s online learning is back and better than ever, with a new schedule of diverse opportunities to expand your mind and stretch your heart, to develop new skills, and—perhaps above all—to be together with your beloved community. 

No prior experience or learning background necessary! 

Limmud Tzedek: The Study Of Justice
Led by Rabbi David Kasher and Rabbi  Sharon Brous

It is clear that ‘Justice’ is one of Judaism’s central concerns. But how exactly has the concept of Justice been defined in our tradition? What is the Torah’s vision for a just society? What sorts of legal and governmental structures are needed to implement that vision? Who will hold power, and how is that power checked? And how will the vulnerable be protected? Join Rabbi Kasher and Rabbi Brous, in conversation with a series of guest speakers, for a weekly exploration of the philosophy, laws and ethics that make up the Jewish Justice System.

(This class is intended to serve as an intellectual compliment to hands-on Justice work of IKAR’s Minyan Tzedek group, so on the third Tuesday of the month all participants are encouraged to attend Minyan Tzedek’s organizing meeting as part of the experience.)

Mishna Mondays
Led by Rabbi David Kasher

Rabbinic Judaism emerged like a phoenix out of the ashes of the destruction of the Great Temple in Jerusalem. The writing down of the Mishna marked the beginning of a new era in Jewish civilization, one centered in books instead of buildings, in laws instead of land. Reading this ancient code of conduct is the best way to get to know the nuts and bolts of the Judaism we have inherited.

Biblical Poetry
Led by Rabbi David Kasher

The first words uttered by a human being in the Hebrew Bible are given in verse form. This startling fact tells us that there is something fundamentally human about the act of composing poetry. Indeed, poetry will become one of the primary forms of literature in the Bible: from the Prophets to the Psalms, from Wisdom Literature to Songs of Love, the study of verse will take us across the whole span of our sacred scriptures. This class will be run seminar-style, with opportunities for all participants to analyze and interpret the sacred words that have been chanted by our people for millennia.

Parsha Study With The Parsha Nut
Led by Rabbi David Kasher

In anticipation of his forthcoming book, ParshaNut, Rabbi Kasher is devoting this spring’s study of the weekly Torah portion to his very favorite genre of Jewish literature: Torah commentary. Come get to know Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and other legendary commentators in the grand tradition known as parshanut.

Parenting In A Pandemic (A.K.A. The class you need and don’t have time for)
Led by Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

This year has been fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Parents have been challenged in unique ways as they juggle new work and home dynamics, while also trying to support and nurture children who are experiencing their own stresses. Explore texts and tools from our tradition with Rabbi Ronit Tsadok. Mental health professionals from the IKAR community will also be offering guidance and support.

IKAR: Behind The Music
Led by Hazzan Hillel Tigay

Synthesizing the classics of the Jewish liturgical tradition with contemporary pop and world music, Hazzan Hillel Tigay has created a new Jewish sound that makes the body dance and the soul soar, and stands at the heart of the IKAR davening experience.

This spring, to celebrate the release of his new album, Judeo II, Hillel will be leading a series of musical workshops for our community. Come into the music laboratory to see how IKAR’s sound is forged, and to learn the songs we sing at IKAR every week from the music man himself. Join us on Zoom or on Facebook.

Craftivism (Craft + Activism) Contemporary Jewish Needlework Workshop
Led by Bobbi Thompson

Have you wanted to learn embroidery (or return to it)? Here’s your chance to joyfully transform a medium that has historically been used as a tool for subjugation into a tool for repairing the world. No previous experience required. We will stitch artworks designed to elevate our spirits as an action of Tikkun Olam; repairing the world. Bobbi Thompson, IKARite and owner of Crafting L.A., will lead four monthly sessions, and will be joined by guest artists and rabbis. All are welcome. Registration required, materials fee: $5 per session.