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Watch/Listen to our clergy teaching about everything from mishna to parsha to the holidays.

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Join us on Tuesdays at 6pm for Limmud Tzedek: The Study of Justice with Rabbi Kasher and Rabbi Brous. All are welcome.

Please note that we will not gather on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, and encourage you to attend our Minyan Tzedek Community Organizing Meeting, for which this class serves as a complement.

Past Classes:

Join us on Mondays at 12pm for Mishna Study with Rabbi Kasher. All are welcome.

Past Classes:

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm for Biblical Poetry with Rabbi Kasher. All are welcome.

Past Classes:

Join us on Thursdays at 12pm for Parsha Study with Rabbi Kasher. All are welcome.

Past Classes:

The IKAR (Essence) of the Haggadah, with Rabbi Kasher:

Passover, the Holiday of Justice, with Rabbi Brous:

Poetry as a Form of Liberation, with Rabbi Kasher:

Hillel Tigay’s Behind the Music: Passover Edition

HAGGADAH SLAM 2021 with IKAR, Temple Beth Am, and B’nai-David Judea Congregation
With a bonus: Full podcast (including breakout sessions) here.

A Bissel Shtisel, Hassidic Thought with Rabbi David Kasher

  • Dangerous Torah: The Fiery Waters of the Mei HaShiloah. July 14, 2020. Watch here. [source]
  • The Psychological Turn: The Breakaway School of Peshiskha. July 7, 2o20. Watch here. [source]
  • Letters Flying Through the Air: Hassidic Readings of the Torah. June 30, 2020. Watch here. [source]
  • The Philosopher of Hassidism: Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. June 23, 2020. Watch here. [source]
  • The People’s Defense Attorney: Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev. June 9, 2020. Listen here. [source]
  • The Hassidic Approach to Prayer. June 2, 2020. Listen here. [source]
  • Eat Like a Hassid. May 26, 2020. Listen here. [source]
  • The Danger of the Righteous Man: The Torah of Rabbi Elimelekh of Lizhensk. May 12, 2020. Listen here. [source]
  • The Kabbalistic Foundations of Hassidism. May 5, 2020. Listen here. [source]
  • Introduction: The Master of the Good Name. April 21, 2020. Listen here. [source]

The Pirkei Avot Collective with Rabbi David Kasher

Holiday Bootcamps

  • Purim Bootcamp: Misogyny, Anti-Semitism and Intersectionality in the Book of Esther. February 25, 2021. Watch here. [source sheet]
  • Yom Kippur Prayer Bootcamp. September 22,  2020. Watch here. [source: Mahzor Lev Shalem]
  • Rosh Hashanah Prayer Bootcamp. September 15, 2020. Watch here. [source]

Maimonides’ Guide to the High Holidays with Rabbi David Kasher

Holy Heresy: The Very Strange Yom Kippur Service with Rabbi David Kasher

Led by Rabbi Sharon Brous.

Regenerative Change: Compost as Climate Action & Ritual in These Times, with Devorah Brous

Watch Dev Brous’ new TEDx talk on Regenerative Change. Then, buckle down and learn a foolproof method to compost! Sheltering-in-Place affords us a laboratory to up our commitment to the climate, reduce consumption patterns, and transform waste into food for the soil and the soul. Learn composting and deepen into a reciprocal relationship: feed the land that feeds us. Watch here.