Passover/Pesah 2022/5782

What is Passover/Pesah?


…the enduring testament to the power of possibility. It’s our job to make it meaningful.

From the story of the Exodus from Egypt emerges the most powerful claim of our tradition: the eternal possibility that we can move from slavery to freedom, from darkness to light, from degradation to dignity.

Haggadot, Resources, & Actions

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How to Lead a Seder: Music & Words by R’ David Kasher & Hillel Tigay, 4.13.22


Sermon: Leaving Egypt in a Warming World by R’ Morris Panitz, 4.10.22


The Priests of Passover – Parsha Study by R’ David Kasher, 4.7.22


The Plagues and OUR PLAGUE by R’ Chaim Seidler-Feller, 4.5.22

Fossil Fuel Financiers, Let Our Planet Go!
4/20, 4pm, Corner of 1st St. & Larchmont
Dayenu + IKAR Green Action will proclaim in front of Chase & B.O.A. that today’s fossil-fueled plagues must end, + lift up matzah as a symbol of urgency, calling on these financial institutions to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels.
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