Get Your Seder Plate Ready…Resources, Supplements & Actions

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IKAR’s Seder Guide

Minyan Tzedek Green Action’s Sustainable Seder

Passover Preparation Mini-Guide

Jam out to this Passover-Themed Playlist

How to Prepare Your Seder Table

Establish your Kavannah for the Seder. What’s your goal? One can be to sit at the table and remind ourselves how to connect with our Jewish family and our human family.

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Haggadot Resources:

Jewish Languages: Passover

Bronfman Fellowship Passover Resources

Greatest Hits from Past Passovers

How to Lead Your Own Seder – Rabbi David Kasher
An Introduction to the Haggadah – Rabbi David Kasher

TODAY Show: How to Celebrate Passover and Easter During Trying Times – Rabbi Sharon Brous

On Passover Night, Let’s Relinquish Our Fear – Rabbi Sharon Brous

Ozi V’zimrat Yah – Hazzan Hillel Tigay

IKAR Kids Talk Passover

IKAR Passover Guide Videos (Watch all 15, one after another!)