Weekly AM Minyan

Need some peace amidst the tumult? Jonesin’ for the Shabbat vibe? Give your workweek a spiritual boost with Shaharit (morning services), singing and intention-setting with our rabbis – and still get to work on time. Our weekly morning Minyan is one of the best kept secrets of IKAR.

Join us Monday-Friday and Sunday at 8am PT on Zoom. Click here to RSVP.

We need prayer and connection more than ever during this time. So every weekday, Monday through Friday and Sunday at 8am PST, we will gather online for a half-hour ZOOM of prayer and learning, led by our clergy and a few guest rabbis in our community. Each day we’ll explore a different modality we might use to help us access our prayer life: singing, meditation, study, etc. And each day we will end with a Mourner’s Kaddish.