Wet Hot IKAR Purim 2023/5783

Dust of the dolphin shorts, throw on some tie dye and pack your trunk. Camp La Cienega is on for the freewheeling fun and afterhours drinking of those youthful summers.

Kid's Purim Carnival - Sunday, March 5



1-4pm at Shalhevet High School


What’s You Superpower? Discover the superheroes of the Purim story & uncover your own heroic powers.



Monday, March 6th @ IKAR Event Space, 1729 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90035

5:30 – Kids’ Mini-Megillah & Costume Parade

6:30pm – Ma’ariv, Megillah Reading & Shpiels

8pm – Party

Can't Attend?

Lost your voice singing your favorite camp songs?


Got hurt in the potato sack race?


If you can’t be with us in-person for any of these reasons, we’ll be live-streaming the Megillah Reading & Shpiels right here, on our website, YouTube, and Zoom!

From The People Who Brought You...

Hat-Shaped Cookie


Rabbi Brous’s Day Off


Clergy In Cars Getting Coffee


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Read: Purim, Not Prejudice

Remember, another person’s culture is not your costume!


“Treat those who share the culture and legacy of that hero with respect long before you don a representation. Because, having Cliff-Notes-knowledge of anyone or anything that represents a culture or ethnicity has never been good enough. You need to walk in a way that moves towards equity.”

Preparing For Purim

Your study guide and some resources from the IKAR vault!


Sermon: Get Purim Ready – R’ Ronit Tsadok


Biblical Commentary: The Priests of Purim – R’ David Kasher


Modern-Day Commentary: On Purim, Seize the Day – R’ Sharon Brous