Hallelujah, IKAR's Reopening!

For a year and a half, we transcended physical distance and tech challenges to show up for one another. We harmonized on mute, threw candy at the computer screen and shared words of condolence in the Zoom chat. And through it all, our IKAR community has only grown stronger. We are thrilled to announce the full reopening of in-person services at IKAR, now that California has lifted nearly all its COVID-19 restrictions.

We are deeply grateful that we can now finally, FINALLY, open our doors wide and once again dance and cry and sing and pray and eat together. We return with a greater awareness of how precious life is, and how important community truly is.

We will continue to stream on Zoom & Facebook for everyone who would like to join virtually.

Based on the guidelines of our Medical Task Force, we are reopening effective immediately with the following provisions:

– Shabbat services are open to anyone 12 years+ who has been fully vaccinated, and to children under 12. All are welcome (members and non-members), and no registration necessary.

-To join us in person, all people 12 years and older must complete a vaccine attestation form or bring their vaccination card (or picture of it) to services.

-There will not be distancing requirements.

-Masks are no longer required for those who are vaccinated, but of course, please wear one if it makes you comfortable. Kids 2-12 are required to wear a mask.

-We will continue to hold services outdoors until further notice.

-We will serve snacks, coffee, Scotch, etc at Shabbat services, and we’re working our way back toward serving meals soon.