South Robertson Neighborhood Council Election

Your vote counts in our neighborhood!

Right now is the season for Neighborhood Council elections across the City of LA. Neighborhood Councils are the most grassroots level of city governance and a great way to have a voice in local decision-making. The Neighborhood Councils play an advisory role, letting city officials know what people in the community care about on everything from zoning and land use, to transportation, housing and homelessness, parks and arts.

IKAR is located in the South Robertson Neighborhood Council. As a member of IKAR, you are considered by the city to be a stakeholder in the district with a right to vote in this election. You can vote in the at-large and the district races regardless of where you live.

To vote, you’ll need to request a ballot from the city clerk by June 1 and you must return your mail-in ballot by June 8, so don’t wait!

IKAR member, Joel Weinberger is running for a seat on the SoRo NC as part of a slate of progressive candidates, called “SORO Together.”

If you would like to see the Neighborhood Council support policies IKAR advocates for in the wider community, like racial and economic justice, housing, public transit and climate action, we encourage you to request a ballot and vote.