Hesed: Support Groups

Caregivers Support Group
A monthly gathering for IKAR members who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, or Stroke. This group, facilitated by IKARite Yael Wyte, MSW, generally meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 10-11 am PT. Some exceptions apply to accommodate special occasions. Contact us for further information or to join.
Meeting Details: Generally meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 10-11 am PT virtually. Some exceptions apply to accommodate special occasions.

Second Nurture
Join a group of IKARites who are exploring and pursuing foster care and adoption. This space is a mutually supportive subgroup of foster and adoptive families and those interested in learning more. Creating families via foster care and adoption can sometimes feel overwhelming, and caring for caregivers is one of the crucial ways that the IKAR cohort helps families grow and thrive. Whether it’s connecting stressed-out parents to necessary services or helping a new foster youth transition into their new home, the IKAR cohort shows up.
Meeting Detail: Meets Monthly, RSVP here.

Men’s Group
A bi-monthly gathering to support one another in becoming the men they want to be in the world. The group focuses on maintaining spiritual and psychological wellbeing, deepening connection to Judaism, building community at IKAR, and forging bonds of brotherhood. We welcome IKARites to participate in gender-specific spaces or groups based on gender identity.
Meeting Details: Find out about upcoming gatherings and sign up here.

Spiritual Practices That Bring Joy (Led by Dr. Aviva Feintech)
Our Healing Circle meets weekly to inspire connection and community, deepen spiritual practices that bring joy and strengthen resiliency during these challenging times. We dip into the well of sacred texts and master teachers for direction and wisdom, as we each become compassionate listeners, spiritual friends and wise teachers to one another.
Read reflections written by members of the healing circle here.
Meeting Details: This Healing Circle is now full. Stay tuned for the opening of a new group.

Morning Minyan: For a daily spiritual boost, join our virtual minyan, Sunday-Friday to sing, connect, and mark significant moments with your fellow IKARites.

New Support Group Interest Form
In community, life’s challenges need not be faced alone. Finding a support group to turn to, a Rabbi or mental health professional to confide in, or a resource from our tradition can make a real difference. We’d love to help facilitate these connections based on your needs and interests through this form. If there’s enough interest in any given topic, we’ll help launch this group, connecting you with each other, trained facilitation, and the appropriate container for this sacred work.