Lauren Applebaum

Lauren has been a proud member of the IKAR community since she and her husband Aaron moved to Los Angeles in 2008, an unlikely move for this Pittsburgh native. After attending Williams College, she worked in Boston as a teacher, curriculum developer, and ultimately executive director at Kesher, working to reimagine what “Hebrew School” could look like, for both adults and children. Lauren has worked in education throughout LA, including as Associate Dean of the Graduate Center for Education at American Jewish University, as an adjunct instructor, facilitator, consultant and coach at AJU, HUC, synagogues, day schools, camps, and the Teaching Israel Fellowship. She also serves on the board of the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education. Lauren and Aaron’s two children are in Limudim and at the ECC Pre-K. After spending the last few years helping out as a layperson on hiring committees and professionally as a coach for our education directors, she is thrilled to serve the IKAR community on the board.