Mo Langer

Vice Chair

Mo joined the board in November 2014. He found IKAR in 2009 while “Shul Shopping” with his (then soon-to-be) wife, Lauren. IKAR was the perfect balance of enthusiastic progressivism and right-minded traditionalism to help blend his Orthodox background and Lauren’s Reform upbringing. Mo grew up in Johannesburg and after stints in Israel, Montreal, and Boston, he attended Brandeis University where he majored in Political Science. Mo spent 13 years with 1105 Media where he most recently served as Chief Operating Officer. After leaving 1105 Media in 2013, he founded a tech startup, Business Advisory Board, which helps small businesses make better purchasing decisions. He is an alumnus of the Jewish Federation’s New Leaders Project and is an active participant in the Pro-Israel Young Professionals Political Network. In professional circles Mo goes by his first name, Abraham (his middle name is Moshe). Mo and Lauren have two daughters.