Rabbi David Kasher

Associate Rabbi

David Kasher serves as an Associate Rabbi at IKAR in Los Angeles. He grew up bouncing back and forth between Berkeley and Brooklyn, hippies and Hassidim – and has been trying to synthesize these two worlds ever since. He received his BA in Political Science at Wesleyan University, holds a J.S.D. from Berkeley Law, and Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah.  Rabbi Kasher is a teacher of nearly all forms of classical Jewish literature, but his greatest passion is Torah commentary, and he spent five years producing the weekly ParshaNut blog, exploring the riches of the genre. His book, “ParshaNut: 54 Journeys into the World of Torah Commentary” was released on October 18, 2022. You can also check out his podcast, Best Book Ever, on Apple and Spotify.

In June 2023, Rabbi Kasher will be joining the full-time faculty at the Hadar Institute, a Jewish learning and community-building organization with presence across the United States and in Israel that shares a deep values alignment with IKAR. He will be serving as the Director of Hadar West Coast, with the mission of expanding access to dynamic and inclusive Torah study on the west coast, with a particular focus on Los Angeles.There’s lots of good news here. Among the best: Rabbi Kasher will be staying in Los Angeles, and the IKAR community will continue to have many opportunities to learn with him in the coming years. We are excited that Rabbi Kasher plans to continue his hallmark weekly Mishnah and Parshah classes with IKAR every Monday and Thursday. And we’re excited to partner with Hadar so that Rabbi Kasher can continue to bring teaching to folks in our community (and beyond) in the years ahead.Rabbi Kasher and IKAR have by now developed a lasting friendship and a deep spiritual connection, which we know will endure for years to come. We’ll officially send him off in June, but don’t be surprised if you find him at IKAR body surfing during musaf on Rosh Hashanah or giving a guest d’var torah on Shabbat morning. We wish him a hearty Mazal Tov as he begins this new adventure, and we are delighted that this is not really a goodbye.