Sarah Goldfinger

Sarah’s relationship with IKAR started ten years ago. In December of 2007 she volunteered to make lasagna for a Christmas volunteer event at the downtown Salvation Army (with Ethan Goldstine). She met a small group of nice young Jews trying to make a difference in the world. Then, a month later, Doug Petrie and Alexa Junge invited Sarah to the Wandering Jew event (now called Party with a Purpose) that started with dinner at their house. There she met an even larger number of cool Jews trying to make a difference. She even bid and won the Balaban Hawaii condo! (highly recommended.) Sarah went to services a number of times and joined IKAR in 2009.

At the new members’ Havdallah event everyone went around and introduced themselves; and more than half the new members were rabbis and she wondered what she’d gotten herself into! Since those early days, Sarah has co-chaired Wandering Jew (French Surrealist in the Timberman-Redlich backyard and Mad Mensch at The Fig House) as well as serving on the committee for IKAR’s Bat Mitzvah. She and her husband Scott have hosted several IKAR events in their home. More recently she’s become involved with Minyan Tzedek – attending the monthly meetings, training with LA Voice, participating in protests, planning High Holiday campaigns, etc.Sarah grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where the only synagogue was a small, male-dominated, Conservadox place where speed reading Hebrew so fast it sounded like buzzing passed for praying.

Despite this, she’s always liked shul is one of the rare IKARites who actually believes in G-d! And she’s had more spiritually connected, prayerful moments while davening at IKAR than she ever could have imagined.Since getting married and ‘adopting’ a stepson, IKAR has also become more of a community center and friendship circle. Sarah finds IKARites to be smart, engaged, and genuinely caring people—and it is such a relief and blessing to know that they are there for her and her family. It is an honor to help plan this valuable institution’s future.Sarah has also been a TV writer and producer for 15 years. And she has served on volunteer committees for both the Hampshire College Alumni Association and the Writers Guild of America.