Videos: Responding To The Crisis In Israel and Gaza

In Memory of Vivian Silver Rabbi Sharon Brous

We Are Hebrews. We Must Act Like It. – Rabbi Sharon Brous

“Our hearts are big enough to hold the humanity and heartache of Jews and Palestinians:” R’ Sharon BrousWatchYouTubeRabbi Brous joined MSNBC The ReidOut’s Joy Reid to ask that people “hold the humanity and heartache and the trauma and the need for security and safety of the Jewish people while also holding the humanity and heartache and the dignity and the need for justice for the Palestinian people”.

CNN’s Nick Watt featured Rabbi Sharon Brous when looking at the rise in antisemitic incidents across the US since Hamas attacked Israel. – October 23, 2023

We’ve Lost So Much. Let’s Not Lose Our Damn Minds – October 14, 2023

In Sorrow and Solidarity – October 7, 2023