5784/2023 High Holy Days

It is almost time for another powerful season of transformation, renewal and mini-muffins! We are excited to come together again to hear the blasts of the shofar, find the silent moments of prostration, immerse in melodies old and new, and connect more deeply with community.

5784 Yom Kippur Pledge

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Intentions - A Way into The High Holy Days

Think Small - Your Reflections


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What Are The High Holy Days?

Everything is possible. Things don’t have to be as they are. We don’t have to be the people we have become. We can repair, redirect, reframe the contours of our relationships and our lives.


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Preparing For The High Holy Days: Learnings + Sermons

Jewish Tradition designates this as a time of spiritual preparation for the heavy lifting of the Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. So how do you prepare? How do you get ready to change your life and change your world? IKAR is here to help!”