We know a thing or two, but love to learn.

Yes, we Baby Boomers are still savvy, adventurous, politically engaged and socially active. Some might even say we’re the life of the party! So whether you are MidYids or TRIBE, come have a scotch with us on Shabbat. We’re fun and full of insight, and happy to sit and kvell (or commiserate) with you – we carry the wisdom of the ages.

We like to meet, greet, schmooze, read, study, eat, eat, and eat, go to concerts, plays, and enjoy one another – even outside the walls of IKAR.

We Boomers (formerly known as Alta Rockers/NBK) are social activists and participate in marches and rallies. There are walks, hikes, bicycling trips, and making warm scarves for the homeless. We help out cooking and providing food for those who need it at holiday times and other times – and involvement with the Hesed network and Minyan Tzedek. We attend Wednesday morning minyan, help out at shiva, donate our time and resources in so very many ways, and just know how to be a part of making the community as strong and vital as it is.

Anyone is invited to join us. We look forward to meeting you.