IKAR is fueled by the love, talent, and creative investment of each of our community members. Our membership is an expression of individual commitments and a way for each person to expand their Jewish horizons through learning and spiritual growth.

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At IKAR, we ask that all members:

  • Engage in Jewish learning to stretch your heart and mind
  • Share in community building
  • Participate in Minyan Tzedek, our social justice initiative as we work toward the tikkun — repair — of our city, our country, Israel, and the world
  • Build and sustain IKAR with a meaningful financial contribution. Our model is based not on membership dues, but on tzedakah contributions.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to do good and important work in the world.

Join Now.

There are five membership contribution levels to choose from—please see below for recommended tzedakah amounts. All membership contributions can be split into monthly installments. We are grateful for your support at whatever level you are able to contribute:

1) AIDER This is our standard membership. You love IKAR and IKAR loves you. Let’s make it official.

2) ABETTOR You are fired up about supporting an organization that’s walking the walk, and want to go an extra mile to support our community.

3) CO–CONSPIRATOR You’re a rockstar. Your commitment to our community inspires us, and make the good work possible every day. You want a faith rooted, justice driven Judaism to thrive, and you’re helping make that happen.

4) IKAR FROM AFAR (formerly ASSOCIATE) You want to be a part of the IKAR goodness, even though you live outside Los Angeles. We welcome you to join us virtually from wherever you live, whether that’s in New York, Tel Aviv or Buenos Aires.

5) EZRA We never want financial constraints to stand in the way of your full participation in our community. If our recommended membership rates are out of reach for you, please select the Ezra option below and indicate a tzedakah amount that is meaningful for you.

Our 5781 membership cycle runs from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

Join Now.

With IKAR Circles, you’ll create a close-knit, micro-community of members who live nearby or have similar interests. Friends to turn to for a fun evening, a deep conversation, and folks who will save a seat for you at shul (when we are back in shul again). But IKAR Circles are more than a havurah, centered not just on Shabbat or life cycle events; Circles are, in some cases, built on shared interests or common geography. Circles are meant to connect you not only with your own Circle members but to create connections to the broader IKAR community too.

Sign up to join an IKAR Circle

Interested in starting a circle or have ideas for new ones? Let us know!

Current IKAR Circles:


Cooking (currently at capacity)

Flying Solo

FUNK (forty and under without kids)


Valley (currently at capacity)