How does IKAR membership work?

At IKAR, membership is more than just a $ contribution (though that matters, too). When you join IKAR, you sign our membership brit. This brit is an expression of your core commitments and a way to expand your own Jewish horizons through learning and spiritual growth. So, in addition to a financial commitment, each person is asked to make concrete commitments to Torah (learning), to Kehillah (volunteering and supporting the community), and Tikkun (justice).

What if I can’t afford Membership?

We never want financial constraints to get in the way of joining IKAR, so we have a few different membership models to fit different needs. If our membership rates feel out of reach, you can fill out the “Ezra” portion on our membership form and indicate a membership contribution that is meaningful for you.

Membership contributions are payable in installments through June 30 of the current membership year.

We belong to another shul/we live out of town, but we love IKAR. What should we do?

We love you, too. We have an associate membership for people who want to support the community but aren’t around as regularly. Associate memberships have everything a full membership has, except IKARds (tickets) for the High Holy Days. Talk to us.

What about the High Holy Days?

Members will be given priority to register for in-person elements and will be updated once High Holy Day plans are in place.