Membership at IKAR

Membership at IKAR is a holy partnership. We are dedicated to helping our community members live lives of purpose and meaning, and we are working together to build a more just and loving world. Let’s create a vibrant, creative, meaningful Jewish community.

IKAR is fueled by the love, talent, and creative investment of each of our community members. Our membership is an expression of individual commitments and a way for each person to expand their Jewish horizons through learning and spiritual growth.

What we ask of you
All IKAR members enter into a brit, a covenant, in which you commit to participating in four core areas of Jewish communal life:


Stretch your heart and mind in Jewish learning.


Share in community building.


Participate in Minyan Tzedek, our social justice initiative as we work toward the tikkun — (repair) of our city, our country, Israel, and the world.


Build and sustain IKAR with a meaningful financial contribution. Our model is based not on membership dues, but on tzedakah contributions.