Feeding Our Neighbors

Our tradition teaches that the restoration of dignity must stand as the foundation of all efforts to address poverty, hunger and homelessness. Join IKAR’s Feeding Our Neighbors Path in working to restore dignity and hope, as we strive to end hunger, illiteracy, isolation and homelessness in our city.

Thanksgiving Tikkun

If you’d like to help support the Tikkun, but can’t shop or drop off groceries, you can make a donation, and we’ll shop for you.

Read a reflection from an IKAR member about Thanksgiving from her Navajo and Jewish perspective.

Fill the bag and share the love by drawing your favorite Thanksgiving foods inside!

To learn more about our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Tikkuns or with other questions, please email [email protected].


Cook or serve meals with PATH

PATH Meals is IKAR’s longtime project to bring dinner and conversation to veterans who are overcoming homelessness at PATH’s West LA transitional home. We cook and serve dinner on the 3rd Thursday and 4th Monday of every month to about 30 residents. Those who serve the meal stay to talk and share companionship with the residents while they eat.

How: When you sign up to join our email list you will receive a monthly email reminder of the upcoming dates and request for volunteers. The assignments are main dishes (chicken, meat or vegetarian) that should serve about 15 people. Salad, dessert and beverage assignments should feed 30 people. You will receive a reminder email from a few days before your service date.

  • There is always a lead volunteer on-hand to help support newcomers and to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Volunteers must be adults. However, families can cook together and drop off food, or send an adult member to serve.
  • If you’d like to bring or send food but cannot stay to serve the meal, we welcome you to participate by dropping off your contribution at PATH earlier in the day or by ordering food from a restaurant and having it delivered to PATH. Just let us know you will be doing that.

Where: PATH is located at 2346 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90064.

When: Due to COVID health restrictions, we are now sending restaurant meals to PATH twice a month. Please support our ongoing commitment to provide nourishment and send love to the residents by making a donation here.

For questions or to join the email list, email [email protected].