Strengthen Community

“It is taught: When the community is in trouble, a person must not say, ‘I will go into my house and I will eat and drink and peace will be upon my soul…’ Rather one must share in the distress of the community.” – Talmud Bavli, Taanit 11a

Join the Hesed network

Our community is at its strongest when we are able to care for one another. Our hesed network of volunteers supports IKAR members and their families in times of both loss and celebration – delivering care packages, Shabbat baskets, cooked meals, love, care and conversation across the city. You in?

We can’t do it
without you.

Whether through welcoming visitors at the door on Shabbat, helping out in the office, hosting an event in your home, or offering Rabbi Brous Purim costume ideas, IKAR needs you!