High Holy Days 5782

Looking for guided learnings for this year’s High Holy Days or wondering how Maimonides prepared for this time of year? Click here to find out!

Parsha With The Parsha Nut

This class explores the weekly Torah portion to Rabbi Kasher’s very favorite genre of Jewish literature: Torah commentary. Come get to know Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and other legendary commentators in the grand tradition known as parshanut.

Mishna: The Code of Jewish Knowledge

Rabbinic Judaism emerged like a phoenix out of the ashes of the destruction of the Great Temple in Jerusalem. The writing down of the Mishna marked the beginning of a new era in Jewish civilization, one centered in books instead of buildings, in laws instead of land. Reading this ancient code of conduct is the best way to get to know the nuts and bolts of the Judaism we have inherited.

Limmud Tzedek: The Study Of Justice

Join Rabbi Kasher and Rabbi Brous, in conversation with a series of guest speakers, for a weekly exploration of the philosophy, laws and ethics that make up the Jewish Justice System. (This class is intended to serve as an intellectual compliment to hands-on Justice work of IKAR’s Minyan Tzedek group, so on the third Tuesday of the month all participants are encouraged to attend Minyan Tzedek’s organizing meeting as part of the experience.)

Biblical Poetry

The first words uttered by a human being in the Hebrew Bible are given in verse form. This startling fact tells us that there is something fundamentally human about the act of composing poetry. Indeed, poetry will become one of the primary forms of literature in the Bible: from the Prophets to the Psalms, from Wisdom Literature to Songs of Love, the study of verse will take us across the whole span of our sacred scriptures.


Passover is an opportunity for spiritual, social and political transformation. The triumphant journey of the Israelites from slavery to liberation was not a one-time event that occurred thousands of years ago. From the story of the Exodus from Egypt emerges the most powerful claim of our tradition: the eternal possibility that we can move from slavery to freedom, from darkness to light, from degradation to dignity.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Learn with Rabbi Brous about some of the Rabbinic texts that offer her the greatest inspiration, shaping and challenging her worldview and our community practice over the years.

IKAR Limited Series

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