Our Rabbis taught that if we create even the slightest opening in our hearts, God will open it the rest of the way. We’ve found that music is the crowbar that pries open the heart, awakening us and reminding us what’s possible in our lives and in the world.

IKAR Davening Team

Meet the team that brings the heart and soul to our services each and every week.

IKAR Music Lab

For the past several years, rabbis, cantors and lay leaders from across the country have sought our support in bringing a new spirit to their communities. Recognizing the impact of our musical model on our community and the breadth of possibility that emerges when communities around the country are inspired to experiment, stretch and create, we have decided to build the IKAR Music Lab, which will help revitalize and reinvigorate Jewish life in schools and synagogues across the country.

IKAR Albums

The IKAR Music Lab has recorded the following albums:

The first collaborative project of the IKAR music Lab, Hillel Tigay’s Judeo is an immersion into Second Temple sounds with a contemporary aesthetic.

“The album Judeo, as well as being hauntingly beautiful, is also radical.” – The Huffington Post
“The sort of tunes that you could imagine being hummed in the Temple, millennia ago.” – Tablet Magazine
“Evocative of ancient energy with a contemporary New Age sensibility.” –Hadassah Magazine
“Ambitious, powerful and ecumenical.” – Forward Magazine

Check out Judeo on Itunes.