What if I’m new?

Welcome! We love new faces and are glad you’re here. If you’re mulling over whether to come to check out IKAR, you should. We know it’s not easy to step into a new place, so we’ll be there for you and make it a bit easier to dip that toe in.

Never been to IKAR?

Well, welcome and we’re excited to get to know you! Please let us know how to best engage with you and what you’re looking for in our community.

Start with our FAQs — after all, this ain’t your Bubbe’s shul. And check out our lexicon with some general Jew-y jargon, plus a few of our favorite IKARisms.

Come to Shabbat services. We’re doing our thing every Saturday morning and every other Friday night. Or come hang out with our TRIBE (20’s-30’s) cohort, or connect with our Boomers crew. Show up to an IKAR Learning Series session or get involved in our Minyan Tzedek justice work. There are tons of different entry points for getting your feet wet at IKAR.

If you want someone to contact you before you come, fill out this form. We’ll connect you with a staffer and help get you acclimated.

Oh, and when you do come by, be sure to introduce yourself so we can show you the secret handshake.