Our Mission

“Our schools must do what non-religious schools have failed to accomplish; to convey to the student a sense for the marvel and mystery of being alive, a sense of indebtedness as well as a sense of significant being, an awareness of holiness in time, the capacity for celebration, the ability to hold God and humanity in one thought at one time.”
—Abraham Joshua Heschel, Idols in the Temples

We welcome people of all faiths, race, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

IKAR’s Early Childhood Center (ECC) was built, in the language of Heschel, with the dual mission of cultivating the minds and celebrating the spirits of our children. The ECC is built around core Jewish values and based upon philosophies inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

We aim to nurture gratitude, humility, and social responsibility in our children, families, and staff. The ECC also provides a loving and engaging environment in which our children’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and spiritual growth is supported and their individuality respected.
Open to children ages 2-5 years, and we offer a variety of schedule options.