The Shining Thread – Rabbi Deborah Silver

This Moment of Angels

Our Brothers’ Keepers

A Prayer for Peace

Lest the Zealots Lead Us Again to Catastrophe

Counting the Days; the Days that Have Counted

In sorrow and solidarity

The Barriers We Construct

A Righteous Protest Calls for Collective Liberation

Training Our Hearts in Spaciousness

Open Doors, Open Hearts

Signs of Spring

Clearing Away the Ashes

Generative Uncertainty

The Last Bulwark Against Authoritarianism

Beyond the Limits

I Care About Our Safety. And I Care About Our Soul.

Everything is Broken. We Must Write a New Story

Let Me Be

I Will Not Turn Away

Tell the Story

A Land For All

Remembering Who We Are

Try to Make a Dent in the Darkness

What Gets You Up in the Morning?

Jacob’s Heart, Jacob’s Legacy

Plant One Tiny Seed

We Have No Other Choice

Visions of Peace

Women Wage Peace

Guest Sermon by Rabbi Brad Artson

There’s Room on My Island

Even Now, Reach Out Your Hand

We Are Hebrews. We Must Act Like It.

We’ve Lost So Much. Let’s Not Lose Our Damn Minds

Loneliness, Community, & Why We Need One Another: Surgeon General Vivek Murthy & Rabbi Sharon Brous

This is the Moral Earthquake

In Search of You — Kol Nidre Sermon

Repair and Reparation for America: the Spiritual Work of Building the Beloved Community

What Matters Most — Rosh Hashanah I, 5784

More Perfect than Before

Reclaiming Dignity

The Giving Tree

The Painful Compromise

Think Small

Four Ways to Listen

The Week When it Happens


A Call to Abolition

Aaron’s Rod

The Terrible Cost of Zero Sum Thinking

Sometimes Aaron Felt Worthless Too

Blessings and Accountability: A LGBTQ+ Pride Reflection

Every Letter, Every Soul

Your Brother’s Blood is Crying: Biblical Origins of our Divided Society 

The Thin Line

Prophetic Grief and Public Protest

The Season of Our Freedom: What Does it Mean to Be Free?

A Holy Justice, and a Just Holiness

The Spirit of This Nation is Rising Kfar Saba

We Were Strangers, Too

The Seeds We’ve Sown

Redemptive Art

Fasting before Feasting

If We Want To, We Can

Seeds of Hope and Defiance

The Root of Change

The Tears of Zion

The Blessing of Re-Rooting

Pharaoh’s Stubbornness, and Our Own

Parashat Vaera

Moses, Isaiah, and Martin

All We Own We Owe

When God Calls Twice

Hanukkah Night 8: Adding Light Displaces The Darkness – Hanukkah Kavanot 2022/5783

Making Our Way: Trusting a Path That is Both Short and Long

Hanukkah Night 7: Look For The Miracles – Hanukkah Kavanot 2022/5783

Hanukkah Night 6: Which Candle Do We Light First? – Hanukkah Kavanot 2022/5783

Hanukkah Night 5: Shine Your Own Light – Hanukkah Kavanot 2022/5783

Hanukkah Night 4: The Last People in the Shuk – Hanukkah Kavannot 2022/5783

Hanukkah Night 3: Hanukkah Means Home – Hanukkah Kavannot 2022/5783

Hanukkah Night 2: Pirsumei Nisa – Hanukkah Kavannot 2022/5783

Making Peace with Anxiety

Miracle of Miracles: I Need You To See Me

Blessing on Blessings on Blessings

Don’t Let the Woke Mob Stir You From Your Fake Slumber

Doubling Our Love

The Narrative Fallacies Fueling Antisemitism

You Call That Religious?

Tough Love

The Murder of a Man or a Movement?

ParshaNut Book Release!

People of Los Angeles: We Are Each Others’ Keepers

Preserving Doubt

Ban The Bible — 5783/2022

Lessons Learned from my Cancer

We Need a Subversive Sequel — Rosh Hoshanah I, 5783

The Earth Speaks — Erev Rosh Hashanah 5783/2022

What’s a liberal Jew obligated to do?

Perverters of Justice and Pluralized Karma

Perverters of Justice and Pluralized Karma

The War Before the War

Like a Ripple

Even When You’re Far Away, I’m Right Here

The Prayer Problem

The Transformative Power of Shared Grief

We’ll Find Water

Brown M&Ms

This is the Decree of the Torah

“The Red String”

There Were Twelve Flags of Israel

Restored with Love: Lessons from Megilat Rut

On Mourning and Lag b’Omer

“I am a private person.”

The Question of Jewish Identity

Yom HaShoah – A Survivor’s Story

The Unsung Heroines of Our Liberation Story

Leaving Egypt in a Warming World

Covid Torah

The Complicated Wisdom of Jewish Time

Don’t Look Away

Fostering Possibility

Remember the Remembering

All Life is Sacred

A Technologically Reflective People

Redemption is Here… Now!!!

Holiness / Holy Justice

Love in the Time of Loss

The Inner Whisper

Keeping Open Our Doors and Our Hearts

No Victory Until All Have Crossed the Sea

Being the Light

January 6th, One Year Later: Rep. Adam Schiff & Rabbi Sharon Brous Discuss the Democracy Crisis

When I Close My Eyes, I See Fire

Symbolic Mapping

What Does it Take to Awaken the Conscience? [Abbreviated drash]

IKAR FAMILY STYLE – EP 1: A Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt

The Essence of Hanukkah: Creating Light or Kindling Fire?

Toward Collective Liberation

The Mystery of Jacob’s Jar

Out of Our Comfort Zones: Etgar Keret in conversation with Rabbi Sharon Brous (The Charles Bronfman Prize Speaker Series)

A Brief History of Parsha Study

The Danger of History Repeating


The Limits of Suffering

“Can We Talk About Israel?: A Guide for the Curious, Confused, and Conflicted” A Conversation with author and IKARite Daniel Sokatch + Rabbi Sharon Brous

Don’t Let Antisemitism Poison the Movement

What It Takes to Discover Our True Selves

When Doves Sigh

“We Belong to Each Other – A Jewish Framework for a Just Society.” – Rabbi Sharon Brous, Boston University’s 2021 Elie Wiesel Memorial Lecture Series

“Living on Purpose: Finding Meaning in the Upheaval”

This is the Natural Order: Grace, Gratitude, Generosity

A Time to Dance: Simchat Torah, The Last Happy Memory!

Sukkot and the Garden of Eden

The Poetry of Torah

We Belong to One Another: Living in the Plural

The Angels Among Us

A Time to Mask and a Time to Unmask

Searching for Faith

The Still, Small Voice

From Deluge to Dove

Midwives For a New World

High Holiday Sermons: 2020/5781

Got Any Stories to Tell?

Not For the Birds

Carrying Each Other’s Prayers

On Rabbinic Authority

Between the Ideal and the Real

I Am My Beloved

– Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

Setting Aside Time

Why Is Everyone So Angry These Days?

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Don’t Turn Away

Confronting the Moral Stain

Can’t You See? The Whole Community Is Holy #PRIDEShabbat- Rabbi Sharon Brous

Hag Pride Sameach

It’s Time to Defortify Our Hearts

The Eyes Are the Spies of the Body

I Am the Humblest Man on Earth

I Reject the Premise of the Question

Keep Your Head Up

Fellow Creatures—Can We Not See One Another?

Hanukkah in May

After the Fallow

Heartache and Hard Questions

The Heart of George Floyd (z”l) Memorial Square

We’re Not Nearly Done

The Illness, The Diagnosis, The Remedy

Writing our Reopening Story

This Long, Winding Road

Not Because We Have Everything. Because We Have Something.

White House Passover Celebration Emceed by Rabbi Sharon Brous

Awakening the Scream

The Ethics of Tzimtzum

When We Emerge

The Stirring Possibilities of Generative Constraint

Every One, An Image of the Holy One

Keeping the Lamp Lit

Get Purim-Ready

You Call Yourself Religious?

Rabbi Brous in conversation with Dr. Jessica Beckerman and Dr. Ari Johnson of Muso Health

Let’s Talk About Truth

The Hour Has Come for Serious Thought

To Uproot Injustice

Rabbi Sharon Brous blesses President Biden and VP Harris in the National Inaugural Prayer Service

Dreaming Big

The Path to Healing

The Inflection Point

Summoning Strength

What’s in a Name? Everything.

Hanukkah 5781, Night 8

Hanukkah 5781, Night 6

Hanukkah 5781, Night 5

Enshea Daniel

Hanukkah 5781, Night 3

To Soften the Darkness

Hanukkah 5781, Night 2

Who We’ll Be When We Emerge

– Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

Living in a Lonely World

Rabbi Brous at ADL’s Never Is Now Panel, Antisemitism in Progressive Spaces: How it Looks; How to Address It

Rabbi Brous speaks on Pomona College’s panel, Presidential Dialogues: Cultivating Empathy in a Time of Division

Rabbi Brous speaks on MAZON’s panel, How Did We Get Here? Hunger 2020

A Time to Heal? Not So Fast.

Deciding Who We’ll Be

One Step at a Time

America is Becoming

Things Fall Apart

The Lesson of the Lines

All Access Torah

Our True Home

The Path To Redemption: A Conversation with Bryan Stevenson & Rabbi Sharon Brous

Sometimes Love IS a Call to Action

On Being Alone

A World is Dying, A World Is Being Born

The Splash Zone

May her memory be a blessing

Butterflies, Judean Dates, and Waiting to Emerge: Using the Holy Days to Transform for the Good

Judaism in the Time of Cholera

Returning What Is Lost

Roof Torah

Just a Regular Kid

In Quarantine with Steve Bodow: Sharon Brous Didn’t Want To Be A Rabbi

Rabbi Brous Speaking at the DNC

Pod Drash podcast, “Moving Along, Muckily” featuring Rabbi Brous

What Changes?

A Struggle for the Soul of Judaism

Two Kinds of Fear

From Blame to Accountability

The Miracles Within

Your [COVID] Story Matters

Rabbi Brous Speaks at At a Multi-Faith Gathering 4 Black Lives

From Blame to Accountability

LA District Attorney George Gascón at IKAR’s Shabbat Services


Tears of Hope

601,730 stories and counting…

Know Your Reps with CA State Senator Holly Mitchell

DAWN: The End of Desire: The Tenth and Most Difficult Commandment with Rabbi David Kasher & Rabbi David Ingber

DAWN: Stealing Hearts and Minds: Tales of Deception with Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum & Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

DAWN: The Most Sacred of Times: Sabbath in the Crossroads of Corona with Rabbi Sharon Brous & Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie

DAWN – Rabbi Sharon Brous, Bishop Gene Robinson & Lisa Sharon Harper

Know Your Reps with Congressman Ted Lieu

Creativity Loves Constraints

Born at the Right Time

Reverend Michael-Ray Mathews at IKAR

This Confluence of Crises Will Birth Our Future

Moses Has Had Enough

Rabbi Sharon Brous on KPCC Take Two

Dismantling Shame

Who’s Missing From Your Table? Racism In America 2020

2min 53sec of Silence that Scream: #BlackLivesMatter

The Danger of Waving a Flag

The Danger of Distancing and Why We Must Stay Proximate

Counting Our Days, Making Our Days Count

Know Your Reps with CA State Senator Ben Allen

First We Must Weep

The Great Stopping

Know Your Reps with Los Angeles City Council Member David Ryu

From the Stillness, a Moral Imagining

What We Learn From This Affliction

The Torah of Infection

Bound Up in the Bundle of Life

Passover in a Time of Pandemic

Rabbi Brous in conversation with Dr. David Agus

What Plagues Us, What Liberates Us?

Our Vulnerability is Our Greatest Strength

Called to Serve

It’s a Small World After All

The Agent of Destruction

Whose Redemption? Lifting As We Climb

Two Visions of Progressive Judaism

You Are What You Do

Lunch & Learn: Yuval Sharon and Co-Director of Sweet Land, Cannupa Hanska Luger, in conversation with Rabbi Brous

Good Egyptians

Rabbi Eleazar ben Horkanos Grows Up!

When Good is Not Good Enough

What Story Will You Tell?

Joseph, Part III: The Theologian of Genesis

Joseph, Part II: The Crying Man

Joseph, The Real Hero of Hanukkah?

Vayishlah: Embracing Our Only-Ones

Love Anyway: With Faith in Outcomes Unknown

Rooted: The Torah of Isaac

Because Hopelessness is the Enemy of Justice

Elisha Ben Abuya: Judaism’s Greatest Heretic!

The Spirit of Sodom Lives: Reflections From the Border

What We Own

Heschel/King Forum Keynote Address

I Go To Funerals

The Spiritual Life of the Body

Alexander the Great Learns Life Lessons from African Women Warriors

Dancing With Torah

Believe: Healing in the #MeToo Era

The Gift of Self-Compassion

Family Ties

Life Eternal: Say My Name

How Do We Do Teshuvah?

The Climate Crisis is Here: What We Do Matters

Kindness: An Ethic. A Theology. An Act of Resistance

The Blind Leading

You Can’t Hide

A Blessed Wasteland

From the Absence, A New Presence

The Vitriol Before the Vision

Tips for the Road

Daughters of the Revelation

Trust Not Your Enemy’s Kiss

Our Nation is in Crisis. There Are Many Good Reasons to Do Nothing About It.

What About Us?

Worlds With Words

Chautauqua Institution – Intro (1)

Chautauqua Institution – Vespers (3)

Chautauqua Institution – A Tale of Two Stories (2)

Chautauqua Institution – I Need you to Breathe (8)

Chautauqua Institution – Royal Pains, Internal Outsider (7)

Chautauqua Institution – Holy Hutzpah: Our Inheritance (6)

Chautauqua Institution – Reclaiming Religion (4)

The Book of Complaints

Lunch & Learn: “How We Survived” – Honoring Holocaust Survivors in our Community

You [Don’t] Really Count

Black Power, Jewish Politics: Book Talk with Marc Dollinger & Ilana Kaufman

Learning with R’Chaim Seidler-Feller

The Great Divide

A Simple Thing

Outside of the Whale

Meaning in the Madness

Song of Songs

Not By Matzah Alone

A Holy Scavenger Hunt

Israel, Palestine & the American Jewish Community—Getting to the Heart of the Matter: A Conversation with Peter Beinart and R’ Sharon Brous

The Faith of My Father

The Beloved Community – Rabbi Sharon Brous, Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews & Michael Waldman (Part 2)

The Beloved Community – Rabbi Sharon Brous, Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews & Michael Waldman (Part 1)

What To Do With The Tainted Money

Remarks after the New Zealand mosque attacks

Genocide and the Art of the Coup

Antisemitism Anywhere is a Threat to Jews Everywhere

The Shabbat We Need

What’s Your Half Shekel?

It’s a Hard World, But a Wonderful World Too

It’s the Little Things that Matter. And the Big Things. It All Matters.

Thou and Thou

I’ll Meet You There

You Want to Take the Advantage. Don’t.

The Love of Law

Torah, A Love Story

Impatiently Patient

Getting to the Heart of Environmental Disaster

Becoming Free: The (Three or Four or Five) Phases of Redemption

True Kindness and the Soul

Few and Terrible: The Life of Our Father

By The Hand of a Woman: Judith and the Miracles of Hanukkah

Just Admit It

I Will Not Let You Go Until You Bless Me

I Want to See You. And I Want You to See Me.

Rebecca, Mother of Doubt

Reverend Zachary Hoover Offers a Blessing

Salam al-Maryati Offers a Blessing

After Tragedy, Naming Names

Reverend Kelvin Sauls Offers a Blessing

Edina Lekovic Offers a Blessing

Pastor Eddie Anderson Offers a Blessing

The Real Sin of Sodom

The Divine Frequency

Know Your Ballot Panel Discussion

Don’t Just Be A Voter. Fight to Ensure the Right to Vote.

Don’t Look Away From Me

Dream Big

True Seeing

Rabbi David Kasher Yom Kippur Intro to Haftarah

Mayor Eric Garcetti – Sings Prayer for our Country

Rabbi David Kasher Yom Kippur Intro to Silent Amidah

Sharon Hall Yom Kippur Yizkor Story

Alexa Junge Yom Kippur Story

Dan Messinger Yom Kippur Pirate



Rabbi Keilah Lebell Kol Nidre Introduction

Rabbi Ronit Tsadok Viduy Introduction

Jesse Zilberstein

Do Good People Need Yom Kippur?

Torah Service Introduction: Too Late

Haftarah Service Introduction: Jeremiah’s Letter to Israel

The Cries of the Shofar

Haftarah Service Introduction: Hanah’s Prayer

Torah Service Introduction: Isaac, The Missing Years

Building a New America

The Roar

Renewing Our Vows

Don’t Just Look Out For Your Own Ass

Go Out, Then Come Back

Grief is Love

Moses’ Mantra

Time for a Rewrite

BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE: Why We Brought Our 14 Year Old to Hevron

Know Your Reps with Congresswoman Karen Bass

For the America Yet to Be

Holy Incivility

Smashing down the Barrels



The Wilderness

This Generation Calls Us to Great Things

Know Your Reps: Congressman Ted Lieu in Conversation with Rabbi Sharon Brous

Multi-faith Panel on Faith and Justice with Rev. Zachary Hoover, Rev. Najuma Smith-Pollard, Aziza Hasan and R’ Brous

Stepping Up

Gaza, Jerusalem and the Split Jewish Psyche

Poor People’s Campaign Remarks

Featured Speakers – Antisemitism, White Supremacy and White Nationalism: Charting a Path Forward

The Holiness Code.

Know Your Reps with Congressman Adam Schiff

It’s Time To Treat the Disease

Yom HaShoah Speaker

What Are We Holding On To? Of What Must We Let Go? On Holocaust Remembrance, the Gaza Sniper, and a Growing Culture of Intolerance

Freed or Free.

Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy

The Prep it Takes to Become Free

The Prep it Takes to Become Free

Our Nation Needs to Make Teshuvah to Its Children

Something That is Not Here

What If It Depends On You?

The Eye of the Beholder

Productive Anger

Yes, Let’s Talk About Holocaust Denial

Singing in the Midst of the Sea: Narrative Pluralism and The Redemptive Power of Song

We Are Moon People. Hope is Our Superpower

Be a Dr. King Kind of Jew. And American.

The Long View

None of Your Business

The Limitations of Vision

The Light That Will Shine

If I Forget Thee

Righteous Seeing

Making Things Right

Good Religion/Bad Religion

This One’s for All The Enablers Out There

Distressed About the World? Read More Fiction.

Laugh a Little

Bullying, Repentance, and the Passing of Years

It’s Not Enough To Be Decent

Silent No More

The Whole Heart of Vulnerability

Reclaiming Our Time

A Year of Grief

Lean On Me

Loving Ourselves to Death: The Perils of Denialism

I Need You to Breathe

The Binding and the Bind

Our Country Was Built on a Stolen Beam: The Call for a National Reckoning


Encountering Counter-Possibilities

A New America

The Bug in the Software of the West

Reclaiming Our Time


Life Eternal



After the Crash

The Particular Fear of Strangers

Invocation at Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Inauguration

When You’re So Right You’re Wrong

I Really Wanna Know: Who Are You?

What You Call Politics, We Call Torah

Harmony and Wholeness

Do Not Become a Hideous Beast

Yes, But Are You DECENT?

What Do I Stand For?

Careful Now, the Children are Watching

We Who Stand in the Breach

We Have a Togetherness Problem

Justice is the Air We Breathe

Anti-Semitism: The Bug in the Software of the West

Drive a Spoke In The Wheel of Injustice

Crossing the Rubicon

We Venerate Righteous Gentiles. Let Us Be Righteous Jews.

Women’s March on Washington Speech

Rabbi Brous’ remarks at the Women’s March on Washington

Holy Intolerance

It Could Never Happen Here (could it?)

You Are How You Fight

Tell Me, Who Are You?

Winter Solstice

Against the Dying of the Light

She Is On Her Way

This. Is. Not. Normal.

It Bends Toward Justice

Try a Little Tenderness

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

High Holy Days Sermons


America Needs to Find its Way Again

What’s Your Story?

How Far Must I Go?

How Do I Know?

Sweat the Small Stuff

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Doubling Down on Black Lives and America’s Teetering Soul

Speaking Truth to Power

Blind Spots

A Different Spirit

Would that All Were Prophets!

The Perils of Americanism

The Temptation of Power & The Restorative Healing of the Sabbatical Year

Walk Like an Israelite

Islamophobia at L.A. City Hall remarks

Holding On: A Plea to Stay in the Conversation

Letting Go: Permission to Grieve, and Live Again

Wide Awake: A Spiritual Response to the Collapse of Compassion


Fire on the Mountain

What Are You Waiting For?


Prayer: The Ultimate Equalizer

Breaking Script

The Amen Effect Sermon

Guns, Gays and God: The Politics of Spiritual Connectedness

President Barack Obama’s second Inauguration blessing

The Prophets Shudder

Cliff Hanger

Moral Conundrum Ahead