The Amen Effect
4 months ago • Feb 20, 2024

House Calls with Dr. Vivek Murthy | Rabbi Sharon Brous: The Power of Showing Up for Each Other

Rabbi Sharon Brous and Vivek Murthy

What does it mean to show up for someone? What does it mean to sit with another person’s pain? And if we are hurting, why can it be so difficult to ask for help? Part of being human is learning how to accompany people through hard times. Yet our culture looks at pain as a sign of imperfection, and vulnerability a sign of weakness. In this conversation, the Surgeon General and Rabbi Brous share in how the opposite is, in fact, true: vulnerability and pain can be extraordinary sources of strength and healing. Drawing from both professional and personal moments, Dr. Murthy and Rabbi Brous delve into why the simple act of showing up for each other — an intrinsic power we all possess — is so powerful and healing. And why it is so needed now, especially in these times when the world can feel despairing and lonely.