3 years ago • Mar 18, 2021

IKAR Stands with our AAPI Family

IKAR Clergy

On Tuesday, eight women were murdered by a young white man on a shooting rampage in Atlanta. The brutal and calculated nature of these massacres is particularly painful as it highlights the growing violence targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in this country, especially over the past year. This is just the latest horrific manifestation of the toxic combination of white supremacy, misogyny, easy access to guns, and the heresy that allows a person to claim love for God while taking the lives of human beings created in God’s own image. In the aftermath of this terror attack, we stand with our AAPI family and neighbors in our IKAR and broader Jewish community and beyond with love. Even as we grieve, we renew our pledge to stand strong in the fight against anti-AAPI bias and all forms of sinat hinam, baseless hatred. With love and in solidarity, Rabbis Brous, Tsadok, Kasher, and Lebell

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