2 years ago • Feb 24, 2022

IKAR Stands With The Ukrainian People


We watch with anguish and dismay as Russia has begun a full-fledged war against the people of Ukraine. We are gravely concerned for all of the people of Ukraine.  In addition, Ukraine is a country with over 200,000 Jewish citizens, one of the largest Jewish populations in the world, including thousands of survivors of the Holocaust. Before World War II, it was home to many of our ancestors and families, so we feel a particular sense of connection of kinship and shared history with the people who are now facing this terrifying assault.

We call on our government and the United Nations to leverage every tool we have to pressure the Russian leadership into withdrawing from this attack on their neighbor. And we encourage members of our community to give in whatever way you are able to support the Jewish community and all the people of Ukraine.

Here are some organizations we recommend: The American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)HIAS, and UNICEF. We also encourage you to listen to 2 timely sermons. “A Prayer For Ukraine – R’ David Kasher & Rabbinic Intern Sammy Kanter” on Apple Podcast and  Spotify. And “All Life is Sacred – R’ Morris Panitz“on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and watch it on YouTube.

We have seen authoritarian governments rise in Europe and around the world before. We know that we must act collectively to uphold the value of human life and the right to self-governance.

We pray for the safety of all the people of Ukraine as they face the terror of war and for the wisdom of our own leaders to guide our country to a response rooted in justice. May we quickly see a day when nation does not lift up sword against nation and we no longer experience war.